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December 27, 2007-Sky
Sky hides her ultra-high arches
and perfect toes inside her socks and Adidas.

December 12, 2007-Amber
Amber sports her workout sneakers for you,
and relaxes her petite athletic frame a while.

December 4, 2007-Announcement!!!
Be sure to check out our new friend's at

December 3, 2007-Secret
Secret's stinky Reeboks and dirty yellow socks
can't keep it secret that they smell badly.

November 1, 2007-Alison
Alison's dirty Nikes have an unbelievable and lingering odor.
And those filthy socks of hers, hiding her high-arched feet, are not much better.

October 22, 2007-Melissa
Beautiful and exotic Princess Melissa, enchants you with her Diesel sneakers and dirty socks.
She is like a playful kitten when it comes to her feet. Wouldn't you like to be her ball of string?

October 18, 2007-Wendy
All American princess, Wendy, shows you the meaning of dirty socks.
She used to know very little about foot fetishes. Now, she makes
a little game of finding ways to get guys to look at her feet.

October 15, 2007-Alicat
Tall, beautiful, and tomboyish are the ways to describe Alicat.
She is tall enough to look down on you, beautiful enough to runway model,
and tomboyish enough to get her socks dirty and her sneakers stinky.

October 13, 2007-Aries
Fit and tones, Aries, airs out the room with her pungent Pumas.
And teases you with her dirty socks and ultra high-arched feet.

October 12, 2007-Jai
Jai has two pairs of sneakers that she wears without socks most of the time.
Her ultra high-arched feet get sweaty and grimy in them whenever she does that.

October 11, 2007-Tiffany
Tiffany is a mean girl that does not hold back when she humiliates someone.
Not only is she mean, but she is built like an Amazon. So she can definitely back up her attitude.

October 10, 2007-Elayne
Elayne is a shy, sweet girl that finds amusement in guys that like feet.
She does a great job teasing in her dirty socks and nasty New Balance that hide her kinky big toes.

October 9, 2007-Carla
Carla Cutie decided to take a page from Kahlena Patrick's book, and wore stockings
with sneakers. The look proved to be more hot than she could possibly imagine.

August 6, 2007-Chiqui
Chiqui sports the nastiest, stinkiest New Balance sneakers you will
ever see a girl wear. They make Mistress Kendra's Adidas look clean!
She takes them off to reveal dirty, stinky socks and her ultra high-arched feet.

Click to see sample video.

July 31, 2007-Mistress Taralina
Super cutie, Mistress Taralina, first shows off her dirty little Guess sneakers.
Then she mesmerizes you with dirty socks and sweaty little ultra high-arched size 4 feet.

Click to see sample video.

July 13, 2007-Candice
Candice wants you to sniff her stinky Adidas trainers and dirty mix match socks.
If you can handle those, then you can take your chances with her sweaty, smelly feet.

July 7, 2007-Mistress Kendra
Besides humiliating guys with her stinky sneakers, dirty socks,
and sweaty feet, Mistress Kendra stays in shape by working out.

Click to see sample video.

June 27, 2007-Nazarena
Nazarena sports her nasty Puma sneakers, and flaunts
her sweaty ultra high-arched feet and perfect soles.

Click to see sample video.

May 23, 2007-Chrissy
Athletic girl, Chrissy, proudly takes off her New Balance
to show her dirty socks and sweaty, high-arched feet to you.

Click to see sample video.

Click to see sample video.

May 18, 2007-Wendy
Former cheerleader Wendy shows off her stinky Asics, dirty socks,
nasty, smelly flip flops, and little high-arched feet with perfect soles.

Click to see sample video.

May 16, 2007-Carla
Cutie Carla has a delightful French accent, dirty socks,
smelly flip flops, and stinky sneakers. She is a true workout girl.

Click to see sample video.

Click to see sample video.

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