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If you are visiting this site, you already have a fondness for pretty girls with stinky feet and shoes. Well now you will have a chance to buy socks and shoes from the girls. Unlike other sites that sell worn items, you will receive true value for your money. Each pair of shoes or sneakers featured comes with all the photos the girl shot while wearing the shoes, plus the DVD she shot while wearing them. Visit other sites that sell models worn shoes. We urge you to contact the site owners or model on the site, and ask what you would receive with the shoes. Once you've had that conversation, providing the site owner or model replies to you, come back to our site, and see who has the better offer. The girls and their shoes will be waiting.

Instead of hyping how much our girls' socks or shoes stink, we will let you be the judge of that. Every person has his own set of olfactory senses, so for us to describe the odor of a pair of socks, stockings, or shoes for you wouldn't be exact. One person's mild is another person's potent. And now, on to the shoes!!!

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